Hands in the Soil: Our Philosophy

Learning to garden and farm (which are two very different concepts) has been a long journey. When you look at the beautiful starts and seedlings at the nurseries and grocery stores, they are lush green and gorgeous. Then you take a chance, buy them and the inevitable happens… they die. You may get mad, upset, sad and try to return them, at least that’s the feelings we’ve had in the past. But those seedlings are grown in unnatural conditions, pumped full of fertilizers that Mother Nature does not offer naturally. The seedlings are kept in cheap soil as well so even though the look pretty on the shelf, the cycle of beauty is broken when we get our hands on them! Only through these trial and errors (many errors at that!) have we come to our conclusion and philosophy of growing.

The secret is the soil. If we can give back to Mother Earth in the way of healthy compost that is dark, nutritious and healthy, we give back to what Mother Earth has started. We feed Mother Earth and in return, we get healthy seedlings that grow to be plants and eventually provide food. We think many take this for granted but the healthiness of the soil is where the plant draws up the nutrients and gives life to them. If you plant the seedlings in a bed that has no nutrition, the results will be poor. The leaves may turn green, aphids and other pests/bugs will attack and there just won’t be enough life in the soil to provide the essential nutrients that the plants need to grow.

I often think this is the same when we see farms that are based all around monoculture who specialize in the production of one crop. They pump the soil and plants with fertilizers that just do not give back to Mother Earth. So, what is the answer? Take care of your soil.

We believe in this. We believe in giving back to Mother Earth so you, your family, and our family are blessed with produce that has the best flavor, texture, and nutrient value!

But our philosophy does not stop there. The seeds we use must be of high quality. To us, that means non-GMO seeds. Organic is a must and heirloom is preferred. An heirloom seed is a seed that is passed down through the generations. We believe they have traits like no other and that the flavor is maximized. We also believe in taking the right steps when harvesting and being thankful for what Mother Earth has provided. We are stewards of the soil and earth and we must do what we can to take care of it. Yeah, it sounds crazy as I type this but to be frank, we have to do it. We have to take care of the resources that provide to us.

We use the same care when we cook and prepare meals with produce from the garden. Each ingredient receives the utmost care and respect as it is being used. Lastly, we believe the same about our customers and members of our farm group. They are family to us. Whether you make one purchase or you are part of the farm subscription program, we believe in providing you the best in produce and customer service.

Some folks believe farming is fueled by science, but it will always be rooted in faith!