Urban Dressings

Sometimes being a professional chef can mean a fun time in the kitchen, especially when you bring in the urban farming element.

Tell Us About YOUR Favorite Dressings!

We’ve had tremendous feedback from our customers and tribe wanting dressings, so we are slowly rolling them out! Our goal is to provide dressings that can be made from items we grow on our urban farm or through our partnership farms.

We are aiming for flavorful dressings made with local organic ingredients and dressings that are unique and can’t be found elsewhere. We are striving to keep our dressings simple and elegant, NOT packed full of preservatives, fillers, salt and sugar.

Did you know the average ranch dressing from grocery stores has 42 ingredients in them?!? Not ours! Welcome to our Urban Dressings!

What’s YOUR Favorite Dressing and Why Do You Love It?


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